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Why do I need Social Media?

In the digital age of Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat, never has communication between brand and customer been so clear and upfront. Customer service complaints, reviews, brand activism and data leaks can viral in less than an hour worldwide inflicting thousands of pounds of damage in a single tweet. Equally, a well planned and executed social media campaign on a budget can open up a brand to a global audience in a matter of minutes. Social Media is a crucial channel for generating and protecting brand at the top of your marketing funnel. If you choose to ignore it you risk damage to your brand as well as missing out on a lucrative opportunity.

What Social Media services can you offer?

We have experience creating strategy, managing channels and training staff from global airlines through to Premier League football clubs. No client is alike and ask such we tailor each of our services to your needs and budget – regardless how large or small. We can ensure your Social Media is helping to support your Content and Search marketing efforts so that you're amplifying each channel for a truly integrated campaign.

  • Social Media auditing
  • Social Media set-up
  • Social Media policy creation
  • Social Media training
  • Social Media planning workshops
  • Community management
  • Social Media risk assessment
  • Digital PR
  • Influencer research
  • Competitor reporting
  • Social Media forecasts
  • Paid Social management
  • Social retargeting
  • Social Media crisis comms

What industries do you work in?

Our team has worked across a wide variety of industries including sports social media, fashion & retail, airline and travel. We’ve also worked with FTSE100 companies in sectors such as financial services, energy and transportation.


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